Carla Vaughan finds stories in the mundane. As a photographer, she exposes the overlooked scenarios of everyday life; capturing quiet, meaningful moments. 

Vaughan has studied psychology, and works in human resources. She is interested in people and their personal stories. She has been photographing commercially for seven years, shooting portraits, landscapes and events.

In her artwork, there is no original story or history. The story is created or imposed from captured images of exact moments; figures alone in the snow, and alone in the city. Vaughan prefers to shoot in black & white, and often takes photos from behind featuring the anonymous silhouette. Like a hunter, she knows specifically what she is looking for, and waits for the moment to come. She favors long exposure and panning techniques. 

Her work has expanded to include images of the place she calls home, Philadelphia. To Vaughan, no other structure says "Philadelphia" as much as City Hall, and the historic building is featured in many of her Philadelphia images. Vaughan is preparing a new body of work with specific scenes of Philadelphia; subjects on city stoops reflecting her childhood, but with new stories. She hopes to find the simple moments, pure joy, history and nostalgia.

Carla Vaughan’s work has been exhibited at the Perelman Center of Advanced Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine at Cherry Hill and at Thomas Jefferson University. 

 All images are available for purchase, and the artist can be reached directly through the Contact page.