Artist Statement


My photography is intentional, and I am a planner who “expects the unexpected.” 

Over the years, I have come to appreciate the simplicity of black & white images. They tell a story that I couldn't otherwise put into words. Minimalism and honesty in black & white quiets the scene down; we are forced to focus on shape and form, and not get distracted by color. Even when I shoot in color, I “see” with a black & white eye. 

 Always having a love for nature, specifically water, I marvel at the different forms of water, from majestic thunderstorms, to lazy rivers to the smallest raindrop. I am interested in the unpredictability of things, like water. As a photographer, I patiently wait with purpose, for the right moment, and then freeze it.

In addition to nature, I am inspired by the anonymity of people, whose stories I don’t know, but want to know. I am drawn to subjects who are alone, quiet silhouettes in solitude. Whether the scene is present on the city street or placed in a frame, the viewer will complete the story.

Philadelphia City Hall beacons like a lighthouse. It represents my home and plays a leading role in much of my photography. It has become my muse. Anonymous silhouettes in the city are juxtaposed with this well-known building, looming above, and the stories unfold.

 All images are available for purchase, and I can be reached directly through the Contact page